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Dolled-Up Cakes

Baking Since 2008
Image by Aditya Joshi

Special Feature Cupcakes

Pretty in Pink

Strawberry Cake+Strawberry Mousse+topped with moist coconut shavings

$30/ dz


The Breakfast Club

Banana cake+vanilla mousse+topped with chopped strawberries and maple bacon

$30 / dz


The Godfather

Bustelo Espresso coffee cake+mascarpone cheese icing+ topped with a ladyfinger+sprinkled cocoa powder

$35 / dz



Vanilla cake+tres leches+vanilla mousse+drizzled with dulce de leche

$35/ dz


Steel Magnolia

Classic red velvet+topped with cream cheese icing

$25 / dz


La Bamba

Vanilla cake+filled with vanilla bean flan+topped with vanilla mousse

$35 / dz


The Mexican

Chocolate cake+filled with flan+topped with vanilla mousse

$35 / dz


Guava and Cream Cheese Puff Pastries

Buttery puff pastry filled with creamy guava and cream cheese

$25 / dz.


Classic Churros

Freshly made cinnamon sugar coated pastry

$15 / dz.

Keto Friendly Chocolate Panna Cotta Cups

$25/ dz.


Meringue filled with berry compote, fruit custard, seasonal fresh fruit and basil syrup

$35/ dz.

Edible Images

$10+ / buttercream icing sheet

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